We are a small company
with a big heart and many dreams.

We plan your time and are the architects of your journey…
We work together with our expertise to make your safari a journey of a lifetime…
a chronography of events that you could live on forever.


Many years ago, I was standing with a friend in the Mudorib river …

In the morning we had seen desert adapted elephants in the sand dunes of the Namib and now here in the afternoon, there is a black rhino cow and her calf feeding in front of us – and I asked myself if our grandchildren would ever have the opportunity to see this with their own eyes?

Then it became clear to me; I would love to share this part of Africa with others, before it loses its individuality! Wether it is the black Rhinos, Lions and Elephants in the Namib desert, Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, Lowland Gorillas in the Kongo or the Okavango Delta in Botswana. You should experience and see this before it is to late!!

With twenty three years  experience as a International private  guide, I know that we can offer a unique journey to you. Knowing every lodge that we book, every activity that you could do, all the experiences on your stay, gives us the oppertunity to create a stage where your music plays to the rhythm of Africa

Listening to the drums beating through the night, birds waking you before sunrise and the crackling of a campfire with a hot mug of coffee or tea to start your day! Guides taking you not on a drive but making you part of an experience in what they believe and feel in the bush every day. This is what burns in your heart and comes out of your skin like sweat on a hot African day.

We live with sand under our feet and the Southern Cross in our eyes, maybe naive but away from the rat race of the modern world.

My wish is to make this Africa possible for others to see, and give you the chance to see it through my eyes and experience it with me!

Give us a call and we could let you become part of a family of travelers traveling with us and returning again and again..