Elephant Translocation

Southbound Experience 7

This year saw Land Rover Expeditions out of the UK become part in conservation on a large scale. Three Land Rover Discovery’s 4 SE took part in the mammoth task of translocating 100 Elephants from the Kaudom National Park to Erindi Private Game Reserve. With eight hundred kilometers between the parks, Paul Joubert and his team knew that it would not be easy..

I was asked to be in charge of the vehicles during this operation. Carrying all the equipment that the Wildlife Vets would need on the capture, emergency first aid kit, provisions, drinks, food and people were loaded in the three Discovery´s and we made no stress of traveling the eight hundred kilometers to Tsumkwe, the capitol of Bushmannland. In the convoy we had 6×6 trucks, loaded with huge transport containers, 4×4 trucks with tractors on their backs and the ofcourse the three Land Rovers. Ruans Land Cruiser kept all together as he was our sweeper and running hot on the way. Something that would drive us crazy during the next four weeks. In total we caught and moved 100 elephants over the most unbelievable roads and thick sand to Erindi. Mostly family groups and some young bulls. We even had a small baby elephant in the back of one Discovery as we had to move her without the adult animals…

An EXPERIENCE of a lifetime!!