Johann´s Journal

We have decided that we would like to bring our world of stunning Safaris to all of you. Making you part of what we are doing and our Experiences. So from on today we would be posting safari encounters, happenings, shows, all of what we are doing in Africa here. You could also follow us on Facebook. If you need more info on our Safaris, then write us a short message in Kontakt and Silvia or I would get in touch with you as soon as possible. I spend most of the year in Africa on Safari as I guide all our Safaris myself. Giving you the best experience of your life!

Now why isn´t this Journal in German?? Cause I believe that all of us speak enough English to understand my writings…

Onto our Safaris…You would notice that we have started doing safaris to Destinations in Africa that are very special and not your everyday Destination. I would like to share an Africa with you that I love and care for dearly! Sharing moments and experiences with you that would change your life. We take photographs and leave tracks, going to place where very few dare to tread. Our Safaris makes you become part of our World…

Tracking Desert adapted Black Rhinos in Damaraland, Namibia or Moutain Gorillas in Uganda brings you in a place to experience moments that words can not describe! Bringing you to silence, thinking and feeling.

So, I hope that you enjoy reading my Journal as much as I enjoy writing it. And ofcourse if there is a Destination that you would like to experience, then tell us and we would put a safari specialy for you together!
Have a stunning day!