It is time again for me to pack bags and leave my family here in Europe. Six weeks in Africa and I am looking forward to be in the sun again and spending time with stunning people on safari. Before I leave, I would add an update on the elephant translocation that we were part of. The biggest in the history of mankind!
Also would we be doing a calender again this year and hopefully our coffeetable book would be on the selves around Christmas. Also are we working on the dates for our special safaris for 2014. We will keep you updated and have them in the Safaris section of the website.
Traveling in Africa is a passion of life for me. Namibia, my country of birth is high on the list of to do things in life. With so much to experience and to see. Culture, wildlife, birds and then the most amazing landscapes is just a little part of what Namibia has to offer.
What we are going to be putting a lot forward in the 2014 season would be to concentrate special safaris on the Wildlife that are realy on the endangered specie list. In Namibia we would be doing Black Rhino tracking in Damaraland, The Desert Lions and Elephants in the Northwestern Kaokoveld and included here we would be visiting the Himba People.
In Uganda I would lead safaris to the Chimpanzees in Kibale, the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi and the Shoebill Storks on Lake Victoria.
In the Republic Kongo, Lowland Gorillas and Forest Elephants would make out part of our safaris for a lifetime experience!
Also would there be specials from time to time where we get good value for you…
In Insperations I will share some of the most stunning moments on safari and in the different countrys with you with Photos.
Come and join me on safari and become part of our family of travelers to destinations not frequented by others and step out of your comfort zone and EXPERIENCE a safari with us…